Company Profile

Shengzhou Loving Pet Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, we focus on pets products and pets supplies, with varied subsidiary factories specialized with different categories of products manufacturing.

Located in zhejiang, china, the manufacturing industry's most concentrated area in china, with the most economic FOB air &ocean freight from China.

More than a manufacturer,loving pet knows you better, our sales staff with more than 10 years overseas sales experience, profound capability of handling the customs affairs, shipment arrangements, and better understanding of your OEM customized requests, our mission is "as quick as flashing lighting" to ensure our customers to take the lead locally. Stay with us, keep you be updated with the newly launched best sellers of pets products. Thanks for your time and trust with us, Loving pet is always with you to offer better pets products to make better welfare for the dog, cat and other small pets.

Shengzhou Loving Pet Co., Ltd.

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