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How to Choose a Pet Collar?

Jun. 23, 2021

Choosing the right collar for your pet is very important. Your first collar will be your dog's first experience wearing a dog collar, so you want it to be a good one. There are many choices of puppy collars on the market, with varying prices. The following are some considerations shared by Pet Collar Suppliers that can help you choose the right puppy collar for your dog.

Consider the collar type

There are many styles of puppy collars on the market, from rolled leather to fancy fabrics. First, you should choose the right puppy collar for your dog. For comfort, it is best to use a flat dog collar, which will of course vary by breed, and some require specialty types of collars, such as harness collars.

Pet Collar

Pet Collar

We recommend supervision when your puppy is first put on the collar, as nosy puppies can get into all kinds of trouble. If your puppy spends any time unsupervised, then a breakaway collar may be a good choice. Separate collars are not suitable for walks and a regular dog collar should be used.

Choosing the right material

With so many options available it can be difficult to choose, and it is often a personal preference. When considering a Pet Collar, you should consider the needs of your pup. Small dogs need a lightweight material, so leather may not be the best choice.

You should choose a soft material that will not fray your dog's neck. Consider your dog's hair; short-haired puppies need the softest material you can find. A fabric collar may be a good choice, and a breathable fabric is even better.

Check the fit of your puppy collar

Installing a puppy collar follows the same rule of thumb as installing a regular dog collar. You want the collar to be both comfortable and tight enough so that your dog won't slip the collar when walking him.

Training your puppy to love his dog collar

Unless you are very lucky, it is unlikely that your puppy will like wearing a dog collar for the first time. Therefore, you should introduce puppy collars in stages, rewarding positive behavior in the process.

Three simple steps.

Introduce the collar to your dog. Place the collar in front of your dog and any sniffing or interest should be rewarded.

Once your dog is comfortable around the collar, you can place the dog collar on your dog. However, please do not fasten the collar. Get your dog used to wearing the collar and reward them when they put it on.

Once your dog gets used to the feel of the collar, you can put it on correctly and continue to reward your dog for wearing it.

Follow these simple steps your dog will love wearing his dog collar, the next step is to train your puppy to walk with his puppy collar ......

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